PT. Rajawali Otomotif Tirta Internasional (ROTI) is an Authorized Dealer of Daihatsu, Isuzu and Toyota Genuine automobile spare parts, along with Aisin and Hella OEM parts in Indonesia. Aside from that we also carry with us Denso OEM parts and Suzuki Genuine automobile spare parts.

Since established in 1973, we have grown to become one of the top distributors in the country, with networks nationwide and a comprehensive range of parts that are readily available. Blessed with such a solid foundation and an extensive experience domestically, now we are moving forward to also serve customers worldwide.

Our present office is strategically located right at the heart of downtown Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It serves both as a retail outlet as well as a warehouse to distribute parts to our customers.

Why ROTI ?

In Indonesian language, ROTI, the acronym for our registered business name 'PT. Rajawali Otomotif Tirta Internasional', stands for bread. Taking its root from the Bible (Mat. 14:19-20), we are called to serve the multitude, until they are satisfied; hence our motto 'Serving the multitude'. Our service is people oriented, and we believe in giving our best at all times, starting with our own human resources, and spreading outward to our customers and suppliers.

Rajawali – ‘Rajawali’ or ‘eagle in English, depicts our view and standpoint. In ROTI, we are blessed with vision like an eagle. Our clear, accurate, and panoramic view of the market enables us not only to meet the current needs of our customers promptly, but also beyond, placing us at a competitive edge to meet the ever growing and changing market.

Otomotif – Our main business is in the automotive industry, specifically in distributing Genuine and OEM automobile spare parts.

Tirta – Originated from Javanese language, 'tirta' means living water. It reflects our principle of being flexible and dynamic in doing business, improving at all times and improvising to cater the needs of our broad range of customer base.

International – Our scope of business is both local and international.